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LOST DIARIES: An Interview with Miyagi 12.13.18

U&Me&We: Your recent releases on Lost Diaries have been

“Scene From a Dream” and the “Scene from a Dream Remixes”.

Can you tell us what kinds of inspiration and perspiration

led to these releases?


Miyagi: I  like album music. The focus doesn't always have to be on the dance floor and you can get deeper into the music. So after 2 years it was time again to record a new album.  The name of the album, as well as all songs came to me while producing. In the end music, artwork and lyrics became a symbiosis.


2. How has it been working with the remixers on your releases?


I've made a list of my favorite acts that I think fit the sound. Then I asked them all. They were Solee, Niconé, Jonas Saalbach, David Hasert, Chris Schwarzwälder, Allies For Everyone and Sid Le Rock. Apart from Sid, I knew all the acts personally, which definitely simplified the whole procedure. In the end I'm very happy with the whole package and I'd like to thank everyone for the great remixes.


3. How and why did you choose the artist name “Miyagi”?


I was a big Karate Kid fan when I was a child. Some years later the movie was running at an afterhours at a friends house and I startet imitating some karate moves. People called me Miyagi later.

4. What are your top few tracks these days?


  • Agents Of Time – Dream Visions

  • Behrouz & Squire - Wonderland

  • Guy Gerber - What To Do (&ME Remix)


5. You have previously mentioned that you became a DJ and producer so as a result of first experiencing “bad electronic music”. How did it feel releasing your first EP and feeling content with the music?


My first release was in 2009. It was a collobaration with Ronald Christoph. The title track was licensed to Sven Väth's Cocoon Recordings later. That was a great feeling.


6. What do you enjoy most about visiting the SF Bay area? How does it compare/contrast with Germany?


I like San Francisco a lot. It's one of my favorite cities in the US. I try to visit the area every year for a few days. The landscape is not so different from Germany or Central Europe, but for me the vibe is more relaxed and I enjoy it to spend my time there.


7. Do you have any special tricks for staying healthy when you are touring? How does touring affect you?


Eat good food, don’t drink too much alcohol and try to sleep as much as you can. Of course, it doesn't always work out so well. But if you always keep that in mind, it's a good way to not go too crazy.


8. Now that you have experience releasing music on multiple record labels, do you have any special advice for new producers who want to release on labels?


My suggestion for younger artists is to just take your time and do what you love. You should try to avoid putting yourself under too much pressure.


9. With the holiday themed spirit animal party next week, we are so curious about your favorite spirit animal that resonates with you ?


I made an online test to find it out and it seems like I’m a wolf. The wolf offers some of the most striking animal meanings in the realm of spirit animals.

The power of the wolf brings forth instinct, intelligence, appetite for freedom,

and awareness of the importance of social connections,

but it can also symbolize fear of being threatened and lack of trust.

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