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I love to inspirational , affirmative audio snippets. They are often the healing 'zing' within the music to boost the vibes to where the DJ would  like to take them. I love DJ sets with a theme, with an intention.  In this week’s mix, its a floaty, ambient house experience that invites the listener to glide into spiritual, contemplative dimensions , that we are not alone, that there is a greater guiding presence which we are a part of in the most beautiful interconnected way. And so, it's a message to remind us we are ultimately "ok",  especially when life hits us with moments when we  feel "not ok". 


At the deepest level, we are all connected as one, and a part of you is a part of me is a part of all.

Warmly, Ümee Dee


  1. Yokoo, Retza --Equuleus (Original Mix)  [ All Day I Dream ] 

  2. Yokoo --Vali (Original Mix)  [ All Day I Dream ] 

  3. ok Ill finish the list in a bit I have to go to the gym!!!


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