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As an artist, his approach about music is simple: you either get the music or you don't.  James's immersion in the music scene  started in Washington DC where he originates from, and the passion evolved into DJ-ing, music production, and launching events when he moved to San Francisco. 

James  Houdini  is is one half of Black&White Sound ( ) that brings people together through events and music production. Also, James recently helped launch the first electronic music festival in Corfu, Greece, this summer,  pragmatically titled as "The Corfu Music Festival" . 


Expect great things from this lovely heart <3.

Here's the mix :

Warmly, Ümee Dee


Shazam it,  my lovelies!



Stoked to have the first guest DJ mix at Love, Play, House!  James was one of the first DJ / producers whom I met when I moved to the Bay Area, so I'm thrilled that James is first guest DJ at  LPH. 


James Houdini  graces  LPH with a smooth and solid mix that reflects his solid and evolving experience as a DJ, producer, and music community organizer



"Love, PLay, Houdini"
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